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New Student Enrollment

STARTS SUNDAY, September 10th.
  • In 2023, Capital Area Budokai Kendo (Northern Virginia Kendokai) will accept new students every 3-4 months.  
  • The next class starts on Sunday, September 10th, 2023 and continues every Sunday and Tuesday and runs through Octoberr 3rd. (8 classes).
  • Class is held at the Durant Center at 1605 Cameron St., Alexandria, VA 22314 in the main multi-purpose room on Sundays from 11:15 am-12:15 pm and Tuesday evening from 7:00-8:00 pm.
  • New students will study a curriculum that includes: basic posture & cutting/striking technique, footwork, tradition & etiquette, kiai (the signature kendo scream), and kirikaeshi (a classic kendo drill).
  • At the end of each session, new students are encouraged to stay and watch the advanced class that continues until 1PM on Sundays and 8:30 on Tuesdays.
  • There is a flat $80 ($40 for minors) up-front fee for the single-month introductory course. Payment is by PayPal (preferred) via this website or by check.
  • After that, our standard membership schedule applies ($80/Adults & $40/Minors). We recommend that you commit to yourself a minimum of 2 months after the beginners session in order to get a better chance to experience the regular class.
  • Before the start of the class, you should obtain a shinai (bamboo sword). We recommend Standard sizes are 39 for men and 38 for women. You need a fully assembled shinai with plastic handguard. You only need a basic practice model which is the lowest priced one. e-bogu calls it the Rengi. If there is a shipping delay, we can arrange a loaner for a few sessions.
  • Here are some updated links to the e-bogu product pages. Size 39 Men's Rengi Practice Shinai Size 38 Women's Rengi Practice Shinai Size 39 Women's Rengi Practice Shinai (for taller women - at your discretion) Shinai Size Chart Rengi Practice Shinai in other sizes (ages 15-18 should get the size 38, ages 12-15 should get the size 37)
  • For this course, you should wear loose athletic clothing with pants or shorts that do not go below the ankle.
  • Upon successful completion of this introductory course students are allowed to, and should wear the basic uniform (keikogi and hakama) as they continue in the regular class. Wearing bogu/armor comes a few months later.
  • Students with prior kendo experience may join the club without enrolling in the beginner's course, subject to instructor approval. Please email us for details or stop by to speak with us.
  • Pre-registration is highly recommended, but walk-in registration is acceptable if space is available - just show up at the first class with your forms and fee. To preregister pay by PayPal and email the forms (from this website) to kendo @
  • We are an all-volunteer non-profit organization our instructors are learning for life and will be training alongside you. We want to share kendo with as many people as we can so we can build the kendo community.
  • We do not offer private lessons.

For more information on studying kendo, please contact Patrick Stewart at